Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Stampin-Up Party!

A very good friend of mine became a Stampin-Up demonstrator this year so on the Saturday just gone I held a party! It was just 4 of us as a few friends dropped out a the last minute, (their loss!) but I believe we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Amanda has made some fantastic cards and was a brilliant demonstrator! She showed us how to make two cards and a mini album using envelopes.

This one is one that I made using the blender pen.

She also made one for me for holding the party.

I have ordered a few bits, wish I could've ordered more but was on a tight budget. I have a wish list though so will be adding to the collection!

Here is Amanda's Blog if you want to take a look in more detail at her creations.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Birthday Craftiness

Ok, so my Birthday was a few weeks ago and I was so pleased with the presents I received and really enjoyed myself, I just wanted to show some of the new crafty bits...

My new toy.

I have two embossing folders and have already bought some dies (Sizzix had a sale!) So as soon as I got my dies through the post I had to give it a try & almost had a heart attack! I didn't realise that the dies would leave a mark on the cutting pads and panicked thinking I'd broken it after 5 minutes! A quick google and I'd calmed down.

Some of the other stuff,

I'm really looking forward to using it all, just need to find the time now (maybe I should ignore the ironing for a while!)

Finally, my parents have subscribed me to Lets Make Cards, I can't wait to start trying new techniques with a little help from the mag.

I think I may be busy for a while, watch this space! xx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Little Cottage

Ok so this has been a project Ive had for about 2 years! Its basically a kit with the template, little clay bricks and tiles and fake grass and moss type stuff. I just had to have one! So after 2 years I finally finished and have say I'm rather pleased with it. Here are a few pictures of my mini cottage.

I found another while on holiday so I've just started that, watch this space for The Bricklayers Arms!


Ok, so these are just some of the cards I've made recently.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Ooops! Can't believe how quickly time flies, my last post was February so pretty much 3 months have past and I've hardly done any crafting. Its such a shame when stuff gets in the way and there's a lack of time to sit and craft. I have made a few cards so I'll try to get photos up soon, I've also been trying to finish off another project that has been knocking around for roughly two years! I'll explain more another time.

Anyhu, just wanted to say I'm still here and trying to craft, hopefully I'll get my butt in gear to be a better blogger!

Best Wishes xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Can't believe how many birthdays are around this time of year! Anyway this one is for a friend who enjoys fishing with my OH, and they don't mind if they don't catch a lot. Found this one hard to do and I'm still not too sure about it, but hopefully he'll like it...
Not sure when I'll get to make another, finding spare time is becoming difficult there's always something more pressing. Watch this space...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


After being quite pleased with the easel cards I thought I'd have another go. This is for a friends little boy, just about to turn 3. Was quite fun making this one! I think making kids cards are easier, pick a theme and away you go...

Monday, 21 February 2011

Commission Cards

A work friend asked me to make two birthday cards, and I was so excited to be paid for them! I decided to have a go at an easel card for the first time. So here's what I made...
Can't quite remember where the cupcake digi image came from, so if anyone knows please say so I can give them credit. The papers were from a magazine ages ago, the sentiments and gems were from stash. Have to say I was quite pleased with the result. One of the recipients texted my friend to say what a lovely card, the smile on my face was hard to miss!! 

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I really struggled to make a valentines card this year, my man isn't a fan of pinky girly cards (actually neither am I!) so I needed to find something and came up with this...
The papers, ribbon and wire were from stash, the heart punch was friskars I think and the lettering is from craft time. Simples! x

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Blokeish Card!

Just a quick male card, very simple as my crafty mojo went on holiday I think!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Mums 50th!

It took me ages to do this card and I'm pleased with how it turned out. The template was created on word, I then cut this out and lightly tacked this to a card blank, then cut the card.

Ta da! I then found some lovely paper from the local crafty shop, (K&Co) and cut that out as well...
Ta Da! The flourishes on the paper didn't stand out enough so I heat embossed with a silvery colour... 

Needles to say the powder ended up everywhere!! Ok so once I stuck it all together it was missing something, so I ordered some mulberry paper flowers from Wild Orchid and added those, finally I had to add a butterfly!
I hope she likes!

Thursday, 3 February 2011


In the attempt to be more organised with dinners and the shopping i decided to make a list to stick on the fridge. This was made by cutting some cardboard to size and i covered it in wrapping paper that i saved from a lush giftset, stickers for the heading and some foody embelishments which i'm unsure of where they came from! mounted on black paper. The peg is simply stuck with a lot of sellotape. Not sure if it'll get used though!!
Thanks for lookin! x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


This card is for my Aunty & Uncle who very kindly donated their old curtains to us for our relatively new home. I've kept the colours fairly plain as their house is very minimalistic and almost show home like so it wouldn't look too out of place.
Thanks for lookin! x

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Birthday Squares

Made this card the other day for my OHs sister in law. It took me ages to do, not because it was overly fiddly was just having one of those days where nothing turned out the way i imagined. Anyway, i cut out the squares with my new punch and stamped with some mini stamps i've had for ages. The sticky ribbon and sentiment was from stash and the paper was free from Lets make cards magazine i think.
Thanks for lookin! x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mini Cards

These were made with scrap bits of paper and card, I ended up with lots of left overs and rather than throwing them away I thought some mini cards could be fun! They could either be used as mini thank you cards, or gift tags. I plan to make more of these using odds and ends. The quicker I use stuff the quicker I can buy more!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Baby Cards

These are some of the baby cards i've been making, I don't know of anyone who's pregnant but having a few cards as back up is never a bad idea.

Monday, 24 January 2011

I've made a bulk batch of birthday days for those birthdays that appear from no where! I'm certainly not the most organised person in the world so having a selection of cards in storage really helps!

A close up...

The image was from the internet coloured with promarkers and the papers, sticky ribbon and 'happy birthday' were from my ever growing stash.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Blue Butterfly

I love butterflies and have so many, but if i do make a card with them i often can't bring myself to part with it!
This one was made using free papers from a magazine but i've tweeked it as I never have all the tools to make the actual design. And never the money to buy them :(

Pink Flowers

Here's one I made tonight, its a bit too pink for my liking!

CT - Can i enter this one into your challenge?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Here we go!

Ok, so i've managed to post some pics, it's a little more complicated than i expected so please bear with me! Right i'm off to take some more photos and make some more cards now that the lovely people over on MSE have inspired me!
Thanks for taking a look! xx
I made 15 of these! They drove me nuts after a while as i kept running out of paper & card, the local craft shop must've loved me that week! At least my work colleagues appreciated them!

Christmas Cards!

This was made for a friend who adores pocket dragons,

Pink Butterfly

My mum often asks me to make her cards, and this was one I made for her to give to someone who was going through a rough time.


This is a pop up card that i'm really proud of! It was made for one of my friend's little boy who at the time was mad on Thomas. The track took me ages to do!

Ok here goes... These are some of the old cards i've made and actually remembered to take a photo! Please excuse the poor pictures, i'm not the best photographer in the world and my camera is so basic!

This was a card i made really quickly.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Thought i'd attempt a blog!

I've seen lots of blogs and i've no real idea how it works but we'll give it a go!